Sooner Rather Than Later

Whatever God has given you to do, do it sooner rather than later. Whatever direction God is prompting you to move in, move sooner rather than later. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Today is all we have. Use your today to the fullest, sooner rather than later. Your God-given gifts and talents, use them sooner rather than later. Don’t let go of your faith, your hope, or your dreams. Keep believing that a brighter day is coming. A better future is on the horizon. Keep the faith in God and His promises.

As a result, God will move on your behalf, sooner rather than later.

God will open doors for you, sooner rather than later.

Doors of opportunities.

Doors of favor.

Doors of blessings.

Doors of miracles.

Sooner rather than later.

Doors of healing.

Doors of wisdom and understanding.

Doors to another level in Christ.

Higher heights and deeper depths, in Him.

Doors that will lead you to your destiny,

Sooner rather than later.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord

And, it’s yours for the asking,

Sooner rather than later. Amen!

Love and Blessings!



One comment on “Sooner Rather Than Later

  1. DeDivahDeals says:

    Yes, I ask God to order my steps and follow as he leads #blessed!

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