In Pursuit of Purpose

Jeremiah 29:11
I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (MSG)

Although God knows all things from the beginning, we don’t always understand what the future holds or how God is going to work things out for our good. Yet, the bible teaches us that He has it all in control and He knows what He is doing. I have no doubt of this fact. However, sometimes I wish I had a clue of how He’s going to do it or when He’s going to do it. He works in His own timing and sometimes it seems to take an extremely long time. Lord, teach us how to wait on You!

I recognize that each day is a blessing. I personally don’t want to waste one second of my 24 hour day procrastinating, or being afraid to step out of my comfort zone, or regretting my past. These are traps that paralyze us from moving forward and I refuse to get caught up in that. It is counter productive and will stifle you, if you let it. So, from this day forward, with God’s help and direction, I will make the rest of my life, the best of my life.

I refuse to allow the fear of failure, or the fear of success to hinder me. I will see every stumbling block that is placed before me, as a stepping stone, and use it to keep moving forward. It is my desire to fulfill God’s divine purpose for my life. What that actually entails, I am still discovering. I am in pursuit of purpose and walking by faith and not by sight. I will keep my eyes on the prize. I will remain focused, as I work to fulfill the dreams that God has placed in my heart. My steps are ordered by The Lord. I will make it all the way to my destiny. I will not faint or fall short. I’m all in and I’m going all the way, on this Christian journey. I will remain faithful to my calling, no matter what. – jacquelineswow


It’s Time To Let It Go

December 17
I will know peace when…I learn to let go.

When a thing has served it’s purpose, it will go away. Sometimes it will break. At other times, it will simply die off. Then there are those times when for no reason, it will simply fall apart. There will be tiny pieces that are missing, making it impossible to put the thing back together. When a thing no longer has any purpose in your life, it will go sour. Or it may run away. Or it may pack and leave very abruptly. When a thing has served it’s divine purpose in your life, there is no explanation. There is no excuse. It can not, will not, must not stay in your presence. If you try to hold on to something that has already fulfilled its purpose in your life, you are going to hurt yourself. If holding on is disturbing your piece of mind, it makes sense to let it go.
Until today, you may have been holding on to something or someone, not realizing that it’s purpose in your life has been served. Just for today, surrender all attachments to people and things that you have been struggling to hold on to.

Affirmation: Today I am devoted to releasing everyone and everything that does not serve a divine purpose in my life! – Iyanla Vanzant

Books I Recommend – Maximize The Moment

Maximize The Moment by T.D. Jakes is my book recommendation, for this week.We need to revive the art of reading. Knowledge is power and contrary to some critics, what you don’t know can hurt you. I found this book worth reading! It talks about how to take advantage of every opportunity that God places in your path, with a sense of urgency. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. All we have is right now. Commit to utilizing your time to the fullest. – jacquelineswow

Myles Munroe on Leadership

The Leadership Spirit

To exercise leadership, you must believe that you are inherently a leader.

Leadership really comes down to two things: who you are and how you think. It is about discovering your identity as a born leader and then understanding the way true leaders think so that you can fulfil your inherent calling. If you don’t first establish your leadership nature, it will be very difficult to have the mind-set of leadership.

True leadership is first concerned with who you are, as opposed to what you do. Leadership action flows naturally from a personal leadership revelation. To exercise leadership, you must believe that you are inherently a leader. Again, to purse purpose as leaders do, you must think like a leader. To think like a leader, you must receive the thoughts of leadership. To receive the thoughts of leadership, you must have a personal encounter with your true self; a discovery of your nature, ability, and essence as a human being. Just as a product cannot know its true purpose or worth except in its relationship with its manufacturer, so it is with you and me.

Earlier, I made a distinction between the leadership spirit and the spirit of leadership. The leadership spirit is the inherent leadership capacity and potential that is the essential nature of human beings. The spirit of leadership, is the mind-set or attitudes that accompany a true leadership spirit and allow the dormant leadership potential to be fully manifested and maximized. Clearly understanding this difference is critical for discovering and living out your leadership capacity.

Book Review – Leading Change

51lVDPDAJtL__AA160_Be open to what can be learned from change. Instead of resisting, always ask yourself this question. “What can this change teach me?” You always want to lead the change and not let the change lead you. In order to do that you need to understand the effects and the impact of the expected change and try to adapt to the change and work in concert with others, to implement the change effectively, if possible. That is, if the change makes sense and is not just change for change sake. You always want to be part of the solution and not the problem. So, try to keep a positive perspective and think outside the box. Can this change work? Is this doable? How can we make this happen?

In the book, Leading Change, the author John P. Kotter describes the eight stage process of creating major change. They are:

  1. Establishing a Sense of Urgency
    1. Helping others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately
  2. Creating the Guiding Coalition
    1. Putting together a group with enough power to lead the change
    2. This group/team must have the right composition, a significant level of trust, and a shared objective.
  3. Developing a Change Vision
    1. Clarify how the future will be different from the past
    2. A vision must provide real guidance
    3. It must be focused, flexible and easy to communicate
    4. It must both inspire action and guide that action in foreseeable ways
  4. Communicating the Vision For Buy-In
    1. The vision should be simple, vivid, repeatable and invitational. In other words, it should invite two-way communication
    2. Actions speak louder than words, so lead by example and walk the talk
  5. Empowering People and Removing Barriers
    1. Remove as many barriers as possible and unleash people to do their best work
    2. Realign incentives and performance appraisals to reflect the change vision can have a profound effect on the ability to accomplish the change vision
  6. Generating Short-Term Wins
    1. Create some visible, unambiguous success as soon as possible
    2. These wins also serve to reward the change agents by providing positive feedback that boosts morale and motivation
  7. Don’t Let Up
    1. If you let up before the job is done, critical momentum can be lost and regression may soon follow
    2. The new behaviors and practices must be driven into the culture to ensure long-term success
  8. Make It Stick
    1. New practices must grow deep roots to remain planted in the organizational culture
    2. Be patient and consistent. Lasting change takes time to become ingrained.