Books I Recommend – Maximize The Moment

Maximize The Moment by T.D. Jakes is my book recommendation, for this week.We need to revive the art of reading. Knowledge is power and contrary to some critics, what you don’t know can hurt you. I found this book worth reading! It talks about how to take advantage of every opportunity that God places in your path, with a sense of urgency. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. All we have is right now. Commit to utilizing your time to the fullest. – jacquelineswow


Book Review – Finding Your Purpose


Finding Your Purpose: Discover Who You Are Meant to Be and Begin Living the Life You Deserve

by Derick Van Ness

This book helps you to answer the common question “What is my purpose?” People have always struggled with this question and are still struggling, even today. They have a strong desire to find out the meaning to their life. This book is highly recommended and ranks highly with similar books on this same subject. This book provides a better understanding of your purpose, using a series of simple steps, carefully chosen questions, this book helps you to discover new possibilities, and reveals the pitfalls that keeps us from breaking through to clarity. The simplicity of this book makes it both a powerful and practical guide to uncovering and living a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.